The MTG Youth Committee

Our MTG Youth Committee are a group of teenagers and young adults that help with events, shows, and FUNdraisers. They have monthly meetings discussing ideas on shows, outreach, and over all evolution of The Theatre Guild. They apprentice in positions such as director, stage manager, tech, and many other positions of a production. They help pick our annual Books Alive! program show and learn about the company and the board. One member of the Youth Committee attends the monthly board meeting to learn the ins and outs of The Theatre Guild behind the scenes. This is an opportunity to teach and mentor the future of The Theatre Guild. Many of these committee members may be leading the board of directors one day. If you are interested in joining them, please email us at

Meet The MTG Youth Committee

Chair-Britney Newman
Vice Chair – Sara Helm
Secretary – Hannah Antrican
Member – Emma Bowen
Member – Libby Weir
Member – Tori Bevelheimer
Member – Maris Medford