The MTG Play Review Society

The Play Review Society is a program offered by The Theatre Guild that opens a new way to appreciate Theatre as well as a different vehicle for the Arts.  It also works as a great small step for someone who may be interested in getting started on stage but may be a little shy to start. This program sees The Theatre Guild “auditioning” new stage shows and scripts for future seasons. Through this program, we have access to current shows on Broadway or touring that could be selections in our future seasons. Every few scenes, those attending will switch parts offering a different version of the characters. At the end of the show, everyone will have a chance to give their thoughts on the script, performances, and if they would like to see this show as a possibility for future show selection. Who knows? You may also see a famous film script offered one month like Tombstone, Breakfast Club, or even Pulp Fiction. You never know what The MTG Play Review Society will bring up next. Come out and enjoy the fun!

The Theatre Guild’s Play Review Society will meet on Wednesday November 28 at 6:00 PM in the Community Room of the Morristown Public Library.

Our reading selection for December is another comedy (and a chance to find out about a show scheduled for next season!!) – The Good Doctor written by Neil Simon and based on the works of Anton Chekhov.

Synopsis – This Broadway hit is a composite of Neil Simon and Anton Chekhov. In one sketch, a feisty old woman storms a bank and upbraids the manager for his gout and lack of money. In another, a father takes his son to a house to initiate him into the mysteries of sex, only to relent at the last moment and leave the boy more perplexed than ever. In another sketch, a crafty seducer goes to work on a wedded woman, only to realize that the woman has been in command from the first overture. And let us not forget the classic tale of a man who offers to drown himself for three rubles. The stories are droll, the portraits affectionate, the humor infectious, and the fun unending.

Due to the Holidays – Our December meeting will be Wednesday, January 2 at 6:00pm in the Community Room of the Hamblen County library.  

The Play Review Society meets on the last Wednesday of every month and is offered FREE OF CHARGE to the community. If it must be rescheduled,  we will schedule to the closest available day and let the community know. For more info, contact us at