War of the Worlds – the Panic Broadcast

adapted by Joe Landry

Due to production difficulties we are unable to do The Woman In Black as announced.  We are happy to announce we are replacing it with Joe Landry’s LIVE RADIO PLAY adaptation of THE WAR OF THE WORLDS.  Its a great Theatre experience featuring the entire original script from Orson Welles and Howard Koch as well as additional material detailing the turmoil and hysteria the broadcast created.   The show will be produced October 11-19 at Rose Center.


Adam’s Eve

by Matthew Carlin

A young man arrives home one evening after work and a mysterious and energetic woman pops out of his closet and informs him her name is Eve and the two of them are soulmates. Is it a joke? Or is this a miracle? Or is it pure romantic comedy chaos? Performances in November 2018. Auditions are at Rose Center from 6- 8 on September 17th and 18th.



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